Heat Up Your Life With Solar Power

From city leaders and environmental groups to general residents, there has been a push for decades to create a Solar Tucson. Government tax breaks and electric company incentives have made renewable energies like solar power a fiscally and environmentally safe option for Tucson residents and business owners.

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Solar Tax Incentives
Benefits of Solar Power in Tucson

Customer Solar and Leisure, our experts understand the need for a clean renewable energy resource. We offer high quality products to help make your home or business “green”. Solar water heaters can save you hundreds in energy costs per year. Solar Panels are the new wave of renewable energy and no one does solar Tucson better than Custom Solar and Leisure. As a member of Southern Arizona Solar Standards Board (SASSB) , we specialize in commercial and residential solar installations.

We are committed to providing quality solar Tucson and excellent customer service. Our solar options include solar power systems, solar power panels, solar pool heaters, solar water heating systems and photovoltaic systems. Custom Solar and Leisure stands behind our products. We hope to reduce the use of oil and gas powered heaters. If you want to eliminate your power bill with clean renewable energy, Custom Solar and Leisure’s experts can help.

Together, we can all make Solar Tucson a reality.